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Werner "Mr.W" Skolimowski's Vita
Vita of Werner "Mr.W" Skolimowski, Professional Muralartist, Spraypainter & Vandalist.
Graffiti Vandalism Painting by Werner "Mr.W." SkolimowskiWall Mural by Werner "Mr.W" SkolimowskiSpray Can Art by Werner "Mr. W." SkolimowskiSand Painting by Werner "Mr. W" SkolimowskiGraffiti Drawing by Werner Mr.W. Skolimowski
Werner "Mr.W." Skolimowski
1969 Born in Marburg, Germany
1969 - 1975 Happy, loving & caring child
1971 Moved to Hamburg, Germany
1972 - 1979 Lego addict
1975 - 1989 Corrupted & tortured by various educational institutions in Hamburg
1977 Began to take Classic Car Photos
1984 Started to artistically enhance Hamburg's transit system as Mr.W.
1986 Founded the C.A.C. (City Adventure Crew)
1988 Organized & painted the 1. legal "Graffiti Hall Of Fame" along Hamburg's train system
1988 1. appearances in newspapers & magazines
1989 Joined the E.G.U. (European Graffiti Union)
1989 Award "Frische Farbe Graffiti: Kunst bei der Bundesbahn" Hamburg's 1. official graffiti contest
1989 Painted the Berlin Wall after being Interviewed by "Rias TV" in West Berlin
1990 Moved to Kassel, Germany
1990 1. Prize "100 Jahre Industriekultur"
1991 Hired by the church "Neue Brüderkirche" in Kassel to paint a graffiti onto their church wall
1991 Painted a Mainz City Bus live on the TV show "ZDF Fernsehgarten"
1992 First solo art show "Kunst in der Werkstatt"
1993 Juror for Hamburg's 2. official graffiti contest
1996 USA Vacation
2000 Launch of www.MisterW.com
2000 Java Magazin Article
2002 Travels to Black Rock City, Reno, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego
2003 Germany - Fuerteventura Vacation
2004 Travels to Dallas, St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit, Des Moines, Denver, Albuquerque
2011 Became Reiki Master
Graffiti Painting by Mr.WGraffiti Sandpainting by Mr.W.Graffiti Mural Art by Mr. WGraffiti Art - Artwork by Mr. W.
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Mural Art Painting - Artwork by Mr.W.Graffiti Art Painting - Artwork by Mr.W.Graffiti Sandpainting - Art Work by Mr.W.Graffiti Drawing - Art Work by Mr.W.Graffiti Art - Artwork by Mr.W.
 Mr.W.'s Artwork - Murals, Paintings, Sandpaintings, Drawings, Sketches & Graffiti
Classic Cars - Photography by Mr.WClassic Cars - Photo by Mr.W.Cadillac Eldorado - Classic Car Photos by Mr.WClassic Car Photography by Mr.W.Classic Car Photos by Mr.W
 Photos of Classic Cars - Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Citroen, DeSoto, Dodge, Edsel, Ford, Hudson, Imperial, Lincoln, Mercedes, Mercury, Oldsmobile, Plymouth, Pontiac & Volkswagen
Classic Stationwagon Photos by Mr.W.57 Chevy Dragster - Photo by Mr.WClassic Cars - Photos by Mr.WHearse Photos by Mr.W.
 Art Cars, Mutant Vehicles, Apocalyptic, Mad Max, Ghostbusters, Monster Garage & 4x4 Cars
4x4 Car Photos by Mr.W.Mutant Vehicle Photos by Mr.WArt Car Photos by Mr.W.Mutant Vehicles - Photo by Mr.W.Mad Max Car Photos by Mr.W.Post Apocalyptic Car Photos by Mr.W.Mutant Vehicles - Photo by Mr.W.
 Places - Black Rock City, Chicago, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Kassel, Phoenix, Reno, Seattle
Frankfurt Skyline Photo by Mr.WDowntown Chicago Photography by Mr.W.Downtown Reno, Nevada Photos by Mr.W.Huge Spider in Reno - Photography by Mr.WBurning Man Photos by Mr.W.
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