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Werner "Mr.W" Skolimowski's Biography
Photos, Info & Biography of Werner "Mr.W" Skolimowski's Life, Artwork & Accomplishments.
Werner Skolimowski and his father in 1969 Werner Skolimowski was born on March 13, 1969,
in Marburg (an der Lahn), Germany.
He grew up in Hamburg, Germany. Werner Skolimowski in 1969
Werner Skolimowski painting in 1975 Already as a small child Werner painted & drew constantly.
He was born with the need to paint & draw.
Mr.W. Graffiti Tag Animation During the early 80's when the graffiti movement in Hamburg started, Werner Skolimowski got instantly captured.

1984 he started his graffiti carrer as "Mr.W."

The walls & trains of Hamburg's transit system became Mr.W's canvas.

Hundred thousands of viewers could enjoy his graffiti artwork from the trains daily. Traditional galleries never had that many visitors.

That made the challenge of painting in the dark worth the effort. The name Mr.W spread throughout the city.

Since creating art & adding beauty to the world was more important to Mr.W. than the adventure-adrenalin-rush part of illegal graffiti, he always looked for possibillities to paint his graffiti art with permission.

Early Graffiti Art in Hamburg by Werner "Mr.W" Skolimowski
Old School Graffiti Art in Hamburg by Werner "Mr.W" Skolimowski
Graffiti Art in Hamburg from 1987 by Werner "Mr.W" Skolimowski
In 1988 Werner "Mr. W." Skolimowski organized a wall which was located directly on a busy train line, where he could paint legally at day time with everybody watching & no rush to paint.

Mr.W shared this place with other graffiti artists & turned it into Hamburgs first "Graffiti Hall Of Fame", where everybody was welcome to paint graffiti legally!

Painting in the daylight right in front of a large audience, brought Werner "Mr.W" Skolimowski even more citywide recognition & opportunities.

Articles about Mr.W's work & Hamburgs first "Legal Graffiti Wall" were printed in several local newspapers.

MisterW by Werner "Mr.W" Skolimowski at Hamburg's first Legal Graffiti Hall Of Fame
Werner "Mr.W" Skolimowski painting at Hamburg's first Legal Graffiti Hall Of Fame
First Legal Graffiti Hall Of Fame in Hamburg
Legal Graffiti Art Painting by Werner "Mr.W" Skolimowski Many other legal wall & even paid for oportunities followed for Mr.W after getting all this exposure.

Mr.W was the first one to paint the new "Graffiti Hall Of Fame" Volksparkstraße at Kieler Straße in Hamburg.

Painting at daytime with no rush at all, made it possible to paint larger, cleaner & much more detailed then ever before.

Mr.W was able to experiment with new paint techniques & try out many new ideas. His unique style & new way of painting graffiti, influenced many other graffiti writers.

Legal Graffiti Art Mural by Werner "Mr.W" Skolimowski
Legal Graffiti Art Mural by Werner "Mr.W" Skolimowski
1989 Werner "Mr. W" Skolimowski won the award "Frische Farbe Graffiti: Kunst bei der Bundesbahn"
(the 1. official graffiti contest made by the city of Hamburg).

Because of this exposure Mr.W had the opportunity to appear on several German TV shows.

E.G.U. Euro Graffiti Union by Werner "Mr.W" Skolimowski
Graffiti Painting at the Berlin Wall by Werner "Mr.W" Skolimowski After an interview on RIAS TV in West Berlin, Mr.W. even had the chance to graffiti paint the Berlin wall.
1990 Werner "Mr.W" Skolimowski moved to Kassel, Germany.
There Mr.W. had the possibility to paint & experiment with ideas in his own studio.

Mr.W's graffiti projects and paintings got granted with a 1. Prize "100 Jahre Industriekultur des AGV Metal".

1991 a church hired "Mr. W" to graffiti the word "Jesus" onto their church wall. Jesus Graffiti on a Church Wall by Werner "Mr.W" Skolimowski
Werner "Mr.W" Skolimowski in a Graffiti Painted Bus 1992 Werner "Mr. W." Skolimowski had his first solo art show "Kunst in der Werkstatt".

The TV Show "ZDF Fernsehgarten" invited Mr.W. to paint a Mainz City Bus live on their 3 hour breakfast show.

ZDF Fernsehgarten Graffiti Bus by Werner "Mr.W" Skolimowski
Werner "Mr.W" Skolimowski painting a Graffiti Raumstruktur Mural in Weimar, Germany Werner "Mr. W." Skolimowski painted his first large scale "Raumstruktur" swirl in Weimar, Germany.
Graffiti Raumstruktur Mural by Werner "Mr.W" Skolimowski in Weimar, Germany
1993 Werner "Mr. W" Skolimowski had the position as one of the jurors for the 2. official graffiti contest made by the city of Hamburg. Werner "Mr.W" Skolimowski in 1993
1996 Werner "Mr.W" Skolimowski went for his summer vacation to America...
Mr. W. ended up staying there much, much longer!
Large Graffiti Mural Painting by Werner "Mr.W" Skolimowski in Progress 1999 Werner "Mr.W." Skolimowski painted his largest graffiti mural so far, in Phoenix, Arizona.

The size of this big mural painting is approximately 23 x 66 feet (7 x 20 meters).

To save spray paint cans & time, Mr. W filled all the bigger areas with latex wall paint first, using a big paint roller.
He used the spray paint cans only for the small details, graffiti designs & the outlines.
This way it took about 60 gallons of latex wall paint, but only 40 cans of spray paint to finnish this huge wall mural.

Mr. W. did this graffiti painting completely freestyle (not using a paper sketch or drawing), sketching & creating it right then & there onto the wall.

Werner "Mr.W" Skolimowski painting in 1999
Werner "Mr.W" Skolimowski working on a large Graffiti Mural
Graffiti Mural by Werner "Mr.W" Skolimowski in Work
Graffiti Painting by Werner "Mr.W" Skolimowski almost finnished
Large Graffiti Mural by Werner "Mr.W" Skolimowski
2003 Werner "Mr.W" Skolimowski went for his summer vacation to Germany...
Mr.W stayed only that summer.
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